Wednesday, 5 September 2012


It's time for me to make some changes in the food and supplement department.  Step one was buying one of those pill organizers/dispensers. I got a flourescent purple one, of course.  It's amazing how diet has been proven to affect our bodies, our minds, our lives.  There have been clinical studies proving that MS patients who take high dosages of certain supplements can reduce the number of relapses they have and/or the severity of them.  That's enough to kick-start me onto this bandwagon.  Whether it actually works for me doesn't matter.  Just being proactive creates my own placebo effect.

Two times a day, said flourescent pill organizer emerges - for 3 Omega-3 gels (gag), 2 calcium horse-pills, 4 vitamin D pills.  Plus throw in all my regular stuff.  It's a lot to remember.

I am lucky that most of the dietary changes that are recommended are things I already follow.  I don't eat much red meat, I eat fish at least 2 times a week, eat beans, nuts, and leafy greens.  I also don't particularly like dairy - yay me and the 'MS-reduced fat diet."  I'll sneak in my peanut butter chocolate ice cream when I can.  According to one article, I need to be "moderate" with my caffeine and alcohol consumption... (cough cough)...Some bad-kid-days it feels like I rotate from coffee to wine!

Some studies have shown a link between increased energy (MS patients typically complain of extreme fatigue) and a gluten-free diet.  My Neurologist says this may not be applicable to me yet (you know, cause I am freakin' exhausted all the time anyway.  Thank you children).  But, I am going to monitor what I eat and start making some slow changes.

My injectable medication won't start for another few weeks, so for now, it's food and pills.  And I need to remember to drink more water!  If you see me - tell me that!

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  1. Great choice with the flourescent purple! Every little helps :) xox