Sunday, 16 September 2012

My Angel...

Let me preface this post by saying that I am not religious.  I do not go to church or follow any religious script.  And if you feel the same, push the potential cheesiness aside before we go any further. 

I do, however, consider myself to be spiritual.  To believe in something "higher" or "beyond" us.  I don't know why, and I can't say how.  But I know I believe.  I'd like to think there is something or someone out there helping me, guiding me, even protecting me. 

I have felt this feeling before - after Jack was born 5 years ago.   I was 2 weeks post-partum and hemorrhaging, with no pulse, and unconscious.  Raced to the ER, it was as if time stood still.  My body stopped bleeding, my tiny baby slept peacefully while I had surgery - it honestly felt like divine intervention.  Not necessarily God-like, but there was something there.  Something so vivid I can recall the exact feeling years later.

And now, to this day, I can feel it again.  Some invisible protection telling me I can do this, fight this, and stay strong.

I saw this necklace weeks ago, told myself I didn't need to buy it.  Didn't need to spend money on it.  Then, I kept seeing this necklace.  I was drawn to it - over and over again - by pure coincidence.  So, today I bought it.  I felt like this force I have been feeling for years needed a personification.  Something I could grab and hold.

Here she is - my guardian angel...

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  1. Its beautiful, looks handmade, where did u get it?
    I'm not religious either but I understand this feeling of a higher being. Mum gave me a St Christopher pendant when I joined the army, to keep me safe on my future travels. He's on my charm bracelet now to ' watch' over me. So I Hope your angel helps u too... Xox