Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Music for the soul

Listening to Beth Orton soothes me, motivates me, and calms me.  She makes the kind of music that helps you get through life.  She seems to seep right into your pores, take on whatever it is you are feeling, and channel it so perfectly.  So perfectly, I usually end up crying.

I discovered her music more than 10 years ago while living in England, and have been an avid fan since.  I own each record - coveting them, saving them.  I have seen her perform in England, and in Vancouver.  So when I saw that she was coming back after a 6 year hiatus, it was like destiny.  This woman - the one who musically speaks right to the core of my soul - was coming here at the exact moment I needed her music to help me.  My emotions evoke response through music like a Pavlovian dog.

The moment she took the stage - completely alone - with just her guitar - I was mesmerized.  I may have even held my breath for a few moments.  I will never tire of watching her perform.  Her voice rasps and quivers with emotion each second she sings.  A completely unique Joni Mitchell-esque sound.  A true talent can stand up there, without back-up, machines, or syncing, and perform, true to life.

I felt my emotions deep into every inch of flesh and skin.  Right to my heart.  And exactly what I needed.  And hey - it doesn't hurt that I got to meet her and get her to sign a venue poster.  Yes, I stood side-stage with the crazy(-er than me) fan with printed-out photos of her, and the woman in tears (that was not me, thank god) and waited to see if she would emerge.  She did.  I honestly don't even remember what I said to her... I think I mumbled something about loving her music and that I was sorry I didn't have anything better than my grease-stained and partially bent (free) paper poster for her to sign.

Thank you, Beth Orton, for providing beautiful music, being the faucet to my emotions, and for helping me forget - even for just a couple hours...

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