Monday, 8 October 2012

Take two

A knock at the door surprised me tonight.  I was already in my (very unflattering) pajamas and was preparing my big box o' fun full of injection stuff for shot number 2...

I had been craving pumpkin pie like nobody's business, and E and R made my night just a little bit sweeter with a wonderful personal delivery. 

Nothing makes shot-night better like a dessert does.

And shot-night did happen.  Just now.  I did the injection without a nurse here to hold me down, to correct me.  I went a little higher on my thigh - purely for fat - and it didn't hurt quite as much.  I also didn't bleed, which was a well-deserved bonus, I think. 

Then it was done.  Needle removed, and emptied.  Aforementioned box o' fun tidied. 

Slowly, but surely, my pent-up emotions about this diagnosis are coming out.  There was one teary moment last week, when I chatted with a fellow MS-er for hours.  And tonight, another.  I just sat at the kitchen table - leg stinging from the medication - and cried.  I cried not because of the injection - but rather just allowed myself that moment I needed to get some negative energy out. 

Crying feels good.  And so does pumpkin pie...

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  1. Send me some. I DEMAND PIE. (Happy for you. Sort of. Begrudgingly.)