Sunday, 7 October 2012


With life's downs, also come life's highs.  The moments we should embrace, enjoy, and be thankful for.  Of my thirty three years on earth, I suppose the timing of this Thanksgiving is not the most apt.  I am not in a celebratory mood these days.  But, as I tell myself, celebration differs vastly from thankfulness.  Here's my mustered-up list:

I am most thankful for my children's health and happiness.  I have two amazing boys who make me laugh and smile each day (even though they make me want to drink too much wine).

I am thankful for my family and friends.  And especially for anyone who has taken the time or energy to help me over the past few months.  Your words, and your listening, have helped me be stronger more than you probably know. 

I am thankful for our healthcare system and my health insurance.  Seriously.  Facing such a diagnosis (and not the most pleasant of treatments) is not the time anyone should have to worry about money.

I am thankful for wine.  Enough said.  (Oh, and coffee).

I am thankful for all my post-baby fatty areas.  Assuming that perhaps I planned this - you know - through all my vigorous working out?... that little extra bit of fat that I didn't have 5 years ago is going to come in handy.  And it's in all the right places for injections!  Love-handles: you will make my shots much more bearable.

And above all - I am thankful for life.  Thankful for each day I am here.  Each day I get to breathe, smile, read, talk, listen, and live...

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