Monday, 26 November 2012


I will push aside hunky Dexter (get it?... blood?) from my mind, and do the update...

I go to the lab every 4 weeks for a full work up to ensure my medication is not sneakily affecting my body in any negative ways.  It can be prone to do that - especially to the liver. 

I now have my baseline results, month 1 at titrating dose, and month 2 at full dose.  The scoop?  No adverse changes!  Despite the headaches, pains, chills, needle marks and red splotches now covering my "fatty bits," my body is taking this medication in; letting it do it's work.

I'll get to see my spinal cord MRI results next week to go lesion-hunting.  I only hope there is good news on that front too.

Hallelujah for small victories.  The wine will be moderately flowing on non-injection nights!

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