Friday, 15 February 2013

Friday thoughts

I like to think that I am ticking along, just fine.  I like to think that people walking by me on the street have no idea what is invading my body.

Sometimes that's a nice feeling - interacting with people who don't know I have MS.  Or know about the injections, the appointments, the fear.

Sometimes it's nice to be mundane.  Regular, ordinary, un-diseased.  To get excited (again) about the small things. 

Like spending Valentine's day alone in bed at 6pm, with a glass of wine.  The silence was divine.  And the children were still supervised, don't worry.  Thank you, dear Valentine.

Like finally paying off my various student loans.  It took me ten years.  Yes, ten.  I graduated from UBC in Vancouver in 2001 then moved to England where I completed my Masters in Forensic Anthropology (Ever see "Bones?"  That's what that is, minus the suspense, guns, and sex.  Well, those plus any relevant or exciting job opportunities).  And let me put this out there - for the kids - studying overseas is not cheap.  You will probably need a couple different loans.  Or three.  But I met my husband, had my kids, so it was worth every penny, right?  (Insert witty sarcasm)

Like seeing Jack finally jump into really deep water, alone.  I watched the fear on his face from across the pool, saw his apprehension.  Then he did it.  And emerged with a giant thumbs-up.

Like having crazy bum-shaking dance parties with Oliver in the middle of the day.
Like feeling the warm sun on my face today.

So, despite the moments I wish I could crawl into bed - and stay there for days - life still makes me smile big. 

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  1. Great entry! Congrats on paying off the loans! I can't wait for that weight off my shoulders. And congrats to Jack for conquering the deep end!