Thursday, 21 February 2013

Steroids- Day 2

A Tylenol and a McMuffin will cure just about anything.

That magic elixir of medicine plus grease, salt and guilty indulgence does it every time.

At 9:30am I am feeling better and I am strapped in and ready to go.  Pack of gum and journal at the ready.  The room is empty today, which I don't like.  I liked the chatter of yesterday.  Today it's a bit disconcerting.  Alone.  The whole process becomes a touch more depressing.

The nurses here have been wonderful.  Fantastic ladies.  They have gone well beyond their roles- and have become carers, supporters, and friends.  Thank you, Hilda and Laura, for making me laugh and offering up the best pillows and hot blankets :)

My lovely friend Emily brought me munchies to snack on (I guess my face is indeed going to get puffy).  Now that I am home, the bag of Munchie Mix has been opened (it would look odd eating right from a giant bag of Munchies while having steroids pumped into my vein, right?).

I am feeling better today.  The mania seems to be at an enjoyable level, rather than the "I am going to have a heart attack" feeling.  I just feel like going out and doing something... stuff... anything...  I just want to go!  As long as I can sleep tonight (har har), this is all fine with me.

Until tomorrow, tubes and IV bags...

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  1. :) I knew that pic would be a winner. You roid like a pro!