Thursday, 14 March 2013

For a Mother's heart

Nothing makes you forget sickness, disease, pain, or sadness like your baby.

Especially with feelings of immense pride. 

It is an awesome experience.  And evokes the biggest smiles you could imagine.

Here's a little from Jack's term two Kindergarten report card:

"Jack is an articulate, interested, and enthusiastic student who enjoys the activities of the day.  He demonstrates growing feelings of confidence, following routines, and rules with ease.  He can focus on assigned tasks and makes personal choices easily.  He completes class assignments with care.  Jack has a good attitute toward work and learning, and always wants to do his best.  He is a good role model for the other students.  Keep up the great work, Jack.  Your desire to learn and be the best person you can is noticed."

To celebrate, he gets to dump ALL his lego on the floor and play to his heart's desire!

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