Monday, 25 March 2013

From a Mom: Guest post

I am excited to start sharing the stories of important people in my life.  Their relationships with me, our shared experiences, our lives in the midst of my MS.

Today, I start with one of the most important - my Mom.  She's a teacher, mom of two grown-gals, lover of art, travel, gardening, wine, and family.  And here's what she had to say:

From a Mom
By Sandra Hughes

Sarah at only a few hours old in my arms, eyes wide, seemingly composed, observant and aware - my memories of Sarah go way back.

And it became clear that a child is not a blank slate waiting to display the parents' mindsets and characteristics.

While it was and is true that we are very much alike - in our quiet natures and pragmatic views - it was very apparent that Sarah possessed qualities that were her own.  Her logic, drive, and inquisitiveness are hers alone. When she, her sister and I go out together, Sarah is the one to ensure we arrive at our destination.  Erin and I would navigate incoherently and eventually, inevitably get lost.  Sarah doesn't get lost.  As early as junior high, her drive saw her consistently on the honour roll, editor of the yearbook, collector of various academic awards.  The undergraduate and graduate degrees came next, with Sarah always clear about what she wanted and how hard she had to work to get it.

Sarah has dealt with her diagnosis of MS in the same head-on fashion.  She knows what periodically happens with her illness and does her best to head it off.  Injections, diminishing stress, eating properly - she does it all.  And when there's a hurdle, like vision or hearing that inexplicably isn't there anymore, she unflinchingly gets the treatment that will help her (and doesn't moan about the side effects).

And she's thrown her enery into being a fundraiser for the MS Society.  A good chunk of the persistence that she's shown all her life is now directed to raising funds and awareness. She's grateful for the treatment she's received and of course would like to see further advances.

She's a formidable asset to this cause


Me 'n my Ma (1980 or 81)

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