Saturday, 23 March 2013

I'm ready for my close up...

Today was interview-day.  I had to scoot all the males out of the house so I could quasi-clean and get myself presentable.  Read: get out of those pilled 6 year old Lulus, put some make-up on, and scrub the peanut butter off the couch.

The Burnaby News Leader came to my house.  I love the media - lights, cameras, and pen and small notepad at the ready.  And always a retro hat and good shoes. 

We talked about multiple sclerosis, my diagnosis, my treatment, my hopes, fears, and reality.  We talked about the upcoming walk and my premonition of tears.  Lot of them.

Then came photo time.  I perched across my sink, with some lemons, a lemon juicer, and a pair of muddy old sneakers.  What fun!  But to say I am not naturally photogenic is a huge understatement.  I did not know what to know to do... teeth?  No teeth?  Look at the camera?  Gaze at the lemons?  Chuck them across the room?

It all went well, and I feel so honoured to be able to share my story.  Hopefully it resonates with someone out there, brings more awareness to MS, and helps increase donations for the MS Walk.

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  1. Wonderful! Can't wait to read the story. I know you'll post the link so those of us in Vancouver can read it. Thank you for being willing to share your story on behalf of all of us with MS.