Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Laughter is the best medicine

I bought this retro-esque art in Guernsey this past summer simply because it made me laugh.  Ironically, this was while I lost my vision, and was in the throes of my worst MS relapse thus far. 

It now hangs in my kitchen, and every time I see it, I smile.

It's funny - It doesn't remind me of being overseas, terrified, and without familiar medical care.  It has become the ironic epitome of that trip, that process of diagnosis confusion, and the long drawn-out process of returning home and finding out what was wrong.

And it's true.... I have absolutely no idea what's going on - mostly involving my MS, but also involving parenting, house-keeping, cooking, and life in general.  And, sometimes, ignorance can be bliss.  At least for a few minutes, anyway.

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