Saturday, 20 April 2013

A delivery

A special delivery of Copaxone accessories appeared yesterday.  It's not as exciting or high-tech as the ones provided by Rebif.

They also don't provide sharps bins or alcohol wipes - which seems odd, seeing as I need to inject every day.

There is no smart-injecting device, or the infamous "needle removers."

I did get "needle clippers" to cut the needle from the syringe before it goes into my sharps bin.  The highlight, according to the nurse on the phone - it can hold three years worth of needle tips.  Hmm, great. 

And, I got this foreboding, yet comical, strap-on piece of practice faux-skin.  Leave it to a drug company to mail you this ominous little item, with no instructions or descriptions, that looks like the most primitive sex-toy you could imagine.  I have to wonder if this gets added to the welcome kit purely for comic relief.


I asked Jack what he wanted to do today.  He got to pick anything.  And he got to be the boss for the day.

He decided he wanted to spend the day with me.  Just me. 

We went out for lunch, to the Maritime Museum, to the beach and the park.  It was a sunny day.  And a happy one.

I am finding I need to prioritize alone-time with each of my boys.  They enjoy it more, I am less stressed, less hurried.  We can enjoy the day without commitments, obligations or worries.  We just go where we want.

Today, we were pirates...


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