Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Brain on fire

How's this for an MS awareness ad?

I am in bed today.  Yesterday's inklings of a repeat relapse have come true and my hearing continues to get worse.  My brain is foggy and I am feeling weak. 

Brain on fire.

Despite my "not wanting to know more" dramatization from my previous post, I did call the nurse today to request information about switching medications.  I just can't do another post-injection night of no sleep; being so cold, shaky and achy that I end up in a hot bath at 3am.

I have no idea how that process works - cold turkey?  Immediate switch?  A medication "holiday?"

First I need to pick the next drug to try. 

I hate that I have spent 6 months injecting myself with this stuff, only to find it is not working.  Only to discover that it has been a waste of energy, money, and time.  I still get horrible reactions from it and I continue to relapse. 

I guess this means it's time to move on...

Decisions, decisions...

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