Thursday, 11 April 2013

Old vs. new

I think one of the hardest things to accept with MS is comparing the old to the new.

We spend years - decades - developing ourselves, nurturing our personalities.  Defining who we are. 

And then something happens - snap - and it all gets turned upside down.

We try, so hard, not to let it.  But it does.

So we keep working.  And keep working...

And I think it has to be a process. 

I often wonder how long it will take before there is not that constant before vs. after comparison.  Going with the flow and accepting that this my new normal.


I haven't even started my Copaxone yet, but it is hard not to think about the little things that are now part of my daily reality. 

If I am out for the evening, my meds come with me - needle, sharps container, and all.  What if I go to the movies?  To a concert?  It seems as though my drug-company paraphernalia will be accompanying me to many places indeed.


Sometimes, when you are not feeling so great mentally, you need to do something physically to make you happy.

I've been feeling very dull, very blah, and very tired lately.  So, I checked myself out of bedtime-duty and headed out in search of a pop of colour.

If it provides even a second of smiling, then it's worth a shot:

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