Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The goods

Here it is - a big box of Copaxone.  A month's worth.

It's a little cheaper than a month's supply of Rebif, but still extraordinarily expensive.  And again, this makes me so thankful for both my private medical coverage plus the province's health system.  I pay $5 a month for $1412.28 worth of Copaxone.

My trip to London Drugs to collect my meds was an uneventful as usual.  There is always confusion at the pharmacy - they can't find it (cause it's always in the fridge and they don't listen to me when I tell them to look there), then there is confusion about the payment and paperwork.  I am used to all that.  The part, for the first time since I started medication for MS, that physically made me suck in my breath and stop mid-sentence was this:

They are bigger than I expected.  And I am picturing the contorting I'll need to perfect in order to get those suckers into exactly the right site.  Without my hands shaking, while grabbing a handful of fat to inject into.

It's ironically amusing to think I used to be scared of the flu shot, or taking my kids for their immunizations.  Now this.  Daily.   

I am not thrilled.

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