Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Tomorrow is the start of Copaxone.

It really does take a long time to get started.  You don't just get a prescription, fill it, and start.

My doctor needs to fill out the prescription related paperwork, as does my pharmacy, and insurance company.  Then I have to special order the prescription and wait for that to arrive.  Once I have that, I call the support team for Copaxone, speak to a nurse a few times, wait for package from them.  Once I get the package, I wait for a call from a local nurse who comes to train me on the injections.

She's coming tomorrow.

A few weeks ago I was so nervous about starting Copaxone.  Now, after all this waiting, I just want to do it.  Shove that first needle in and be done with it.

I am very impatient - in all aspects of life.  But with this - the impatience has actually helped calm my anxiety.

It's been nice being needle-free for 3 weeks.  But my fatigue has become much worse.  It's a permanent I-could-drop-to-the-floor-right-now-and-sleep kind of tired that wasn't there while I was on Rebif.  Despite all the negative reactions from it, obviously something was working.

And now, fingers crossed that Copaxone will work - in all aspects of its capabilities.

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