Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Thank you BCIT, for this opportunity. 

They arrived at two, stayed for an hour and a half.  And I had all sorts of fun.

I got to "talk" to the side of the camera (without actually looking at the camera).  I got to faux-blog, and even go sit outside in the sun with a refreshing glass of lemonade - all while the camera was rolling.  There was even a slow-motion moment of raising the glass to my lips, taking a sip, and putting it back down again.

These TV people really know how to work the details. 

Cheesy?  Apparently not.  They call it "personal."

And I'll take their word for it - they were consummate professionals. 

I even got to point out the kid-art on the fridge.  SpongeBob was a big hit.  Thanks Jack, for your masterpiece.

Funny how - just last year - in the moment after my diagnosis - I managed to coherently pick a "theme" that would be so media-friendly.  First, in newsprint, I squeezed some lemons.  Today, I got to drink them.

Most importantly - I got to talk about my journey so far.  My struggles, my hopes for the future.  My aspirations to bring awareness to MS - through any mode that I can.

And I think MS needs recognition.  Just a little bit more.

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