Sunday, 12 May 2013

Mother's day

For all Moms, near and far.  This day is for you.

Take a breather.  Enjoy a treat.  Grab extra snuggles.  Kiss harder than you normally would.

And with awe - the utmost of it - stare at your beautiful children, and just seep them in.

This is who makes me a Mother:


I love their laughter.  Their innocence.  Their complete wonder with this world.  I love their energy.  Their eagerness.  And their quest for discovery.

And this is my own Mother:

My Mom, Aunt, and Cousin

She has taught me how to be a mother; how to be part of a family.  How to trust that instinct that just doesn't translate into words.  She has taught me to be confident in my decisions and to love fully.


Today I finished my infusion at the hospital.  I wore my beautiful Mother's day present from Jack (with explanation for those who gave me that look and thought I was legitimately nuts).

A little weary, a little tired.  But done for now.

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