Wednesday, 1 May 2013

This is what support looks like:

These people, my people, came out early on a Sunday morning.  They commuted from far, wore crazy clothes on public transit, wiped snotty noses on snotty kids, and cheered.
They came for me.  And I cannot even express how much that means. 
Nobody else on my team has MS.  Nobody else becomes a human pin-cushion or experimental patient.  But - these people - they get it.  They don't need to live it in order to understand it.
Thank you for the support, my friends!


  1. Any time! You deserve all the love and support you can get, to help you through his ongoing journey! If you ever need anything, dont hesitate to ask. I love you cuzzie!!

  2. Love you so much. So awed by all you have accomplished. xox

  3. really overwhelmed by your blog... wish you abundant faith and life....