Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Today I am thinking about...

My foot.  The left one.  Again. 

And my left hand.  Again.

Damn it.

I've felt it festering for a day now.

The tingling and numbness is exacerbated again - spreading to more fingers, and to the bottom of my foot. 

This time, I am having some pain with it.  Mostly with stepping.

I am not sure if things are getting bad because of the heat we've been having (MS can get really bad with an increase in body temperature) or if this is something new. 

As of now - I wait and see how it goes.  How it feels and whether it gets any worse.

I find it mostly affects typing - I end up using only one finger on my left hand, as it's too uncomfortable to use the rest.

Meanwhile - as if on cue - today is my TV interview at home.  Which means, these numb digits and I need to get cleaning.  And do my hair.  Maybe some makeup too.

Coffee time.

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