Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Out with the old...

Nothing beats a good reorganizing. 

A clean summer start.  A new collection of Rubbermaid bins to sort and stack.  I've been meaning to go through my "random piles of kid stuff" for some time now. 

The school year has come to an end for Jack and there is a large pile of Kindergarten mementos I know I'll want to save for decades.

Time for a haircut for the boy.  Trimming of the nails.

A trip to the dumpster for Oliver.... it was time to let go of all the bottles and baby stuff.  He proudly walked everything there, nodding with delight that he was a big boy now.

Sometimes a good clean is the most cathartic feeling on earth.  It's an easy accomplishment that takes away that extra stress-inducing clutter.

This freshness is nice.  Plus, it's a lot of happy-tears memories:

The most precious baby booties (don't worry - I saved them)

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