Friday, 5 July 2013

Living the life?

So far, I like taking Copaxone.  Mostly in the sense that it doesn't make me feel quite as crappy as the Rebif did.  It works with my body, and generally, so far so good.  No night shakes at 2am, no constant flu-achiness.

But - I very much dislike the frequent mailings I receive preaching how a person with MS should spend their time.  Of course, I realize that many people with MS have symptoms, and daily life, much worse than I do.  But I also realize that Copaxone is considered a "first line therapy" for MS - meaning that you try it first, usually soon after diagnosis, as something to start with.  People who have progressed to secondary progressive MS do not take this medication.

I am still relatively young (barely hitting my mid-thirties) and have two young kids... am I supposed to call it a day and pack up life?

Yet, apparently, this is how I should be spending my summer:

I find this very condescending - even insulting.  And I think it goes back to the issue of not feeling "sick."  Right now I want to spend my time playing with my kids, enjoying life, and attempting to get back to my adventurous earlier years (of course focusing on the adrenaline-esque activities and not the "let's see how much cheap strawberry wine we can drink" years). 

A good pair of binoculars is definitely not on my to-buy list.

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