Friday, 12 July 2013


Of all the things that define me - name me - motherhood is perhaps the greatest one.

The most important, the most all-involving, the most put-your-heart-out-there-and-hold-on-tight.

I became a Mom exactly 6 years ago.  At 2:31 am to be exact. 

And since then, every breath is different, every thought takes just that extra second to produce.

Not because it's work, but because these little beings that come into your life actually become your life.  I feel their happiness, sadness and achievements as if they were my own.  And I love that.

Today, as my oldest says good bye to everything baby, everything toddler, everything kindergartner, I am going to try not to close my eyes.  For it all passes way too fast.

Happy birthday to my amazing, very busy, boy Jack.

(that's him, age 2, swinging Jack-style)

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