Tuesday, 30 July 2013

When life's a beach...

You forget about all the bad things. 

The things you need to do; need to remember.

You forget about all the doctors appointments, the tests, the injections, the pills.  And what it all means.

You stop making lists and just let life soak right in.

For 5 (short) days, I forgot about my MS.  I didn't once think about what my future holds.  Whether 10 years from now I'll be able to make this same trip or not.  For 5 days I felt healthy, alive, and worry-free.  Probably the most I have been this past year.

I marvelled in watching my boys play in the water and sand.  I felt like I was watching them grow-up.  A lakeside rite of passage, if you will.

Air-dried hair and no make-up is fantastic (for a while).

A recharge was exactly what was needed. 

And what better place to do those awful injections...

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