Thursday, 15 August 2013

"Mommy, what does MS feel like?"

Today I learned my 6 year old knows more than I thought.

That question came out of nowhere. 

It was followed by this heart-wrenching statement:

"I want your MS to go away.  I worry about you." 

Then the questions came - fast.  Can I make my MS go away?  Why do I have it?  Will he get it too?  Will the shots I do everyday cure my MS?

That's a lot for a 6 year old to ask, and a lot for a mother to answer.  And it's hard to sugar coat it.

We talked about how MS affects everyone in different ways, and we talked about how it has affected me so far.   He wanted to see pictures of what MS looks like on a brain, so we looked at some images together.

It was a sad conversation to have with such a small, innocent little guy.  His worry for me - for my health - breaks my heart. 

But I am amazed by his knowledge, interest and genuine concern.

Our chat finished with him telling me it was so important for us to do the MS Walk every year, as that will "help the doctors raise money and make Mommy healthy."

Those 5 minutes of my life - I will never, ever forget.

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