Wednesday, 21 August 2013


One year passes very quickly.

It feels like the fastest year of my life, yet in the same breath, like I've aged 20 years.

One year ago, almost to the moment I am writing this, my world changed. 

The rest of my life changed.

I walked into that Neurologist's office, expecting my brain MRI to be normal; that my symptoms would continue to be undiagnosed.  Then that fateful moment happened.  Alone, I sat in the examining room, with the MRI images already up on the computer monitor.  I saw the images.  And I knew.  I knew without a doubt.

And here we are, a year later.  Some days I still can't fully explain how all this feels.  Whether I am still saddened by it, or have passed fully into acceptance.  Or maybe my real fight has yet to come.

It has been a battle like none I have experienced before.  Yet, it has also been an incredible journey of self discovery and increased self awareness.

So, today, I will enjoy the last few days of holidays with my family. 

I'm still fighting, MS...

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