Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Keep s'myelin

My soapbox beckons...

Children's MS resources are seriously lacking.  To the point I don't want to show them to my kids.  The ones available don't show how individual and changeable MS is.  That not everyone needs constant help to walk, or talk or eat.  As a parent, there is no way I can give my six year old a book about a Mom with MS who has to use a wheelchair.  I can't.  And I won't.

Unless it is my, and his, reality, it is only going to provoke (more) worry and confusion.

I finally found this online resource provided by the National MS Society in the US, and although still not fully appropriate for my family, I love that I can pick and choose what I want my kids to see.  At least at this stage in their development.


And speaking of kids, I am feeling pretty proud of my two rascals.  Grade 1 and preschool have started with a bang, and I am in awe of these guys:



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