Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The art of re-thinking (and waiting...)

Also known as MS F*$!ing sucks.

I called the MS clinic today to talk with the nurse about my current buzzing, weakness, and imbalance.  The crawling sensation on my face has started again too. 

My instructions: to watch myself for a couple days, then we'll chat again.  Using steroids isn't always effective in curbing a relapse - especially if the symptoms have been around for a while, or are pre-existing.  My leg has felt off for a few weeks now, but it only really started interrupting life yesterday.  Maybe it will pass, maybe it won't.

The biggest decision made today?  It's time to re-evaluate my treatment plan.  Relapse after relapse, symptoms, symptoms, and new symptoms.  I'll meet with my Neurologist in a few weeks to decide what to do now.  New, stronger, medication?  Probably...

Tick. Tock.  Waiting for this time-bomb body of mine is the hardest exercise in patience.  And sanity.


  1. I know there's never really "the right" thing to say when you're feeling overwhelmed (and I know that's not even the right word). You're very often in my thoughts, and always wow me with your strength. Sending big internet hugs...wish there was more I could do.