Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Today I am 34. 

That number seems fairly young, but holy smokes, I feel about 50.  It's amazing how emotional upheaval ages both the body and mind.

My goal for today: to bring that mental age down a few notches.

I love this time of year - fall is starting, colours are changing, the weather is crisp and comforting.  I find I can stop - even just for a moment - and be more mindful.  It's ok to sit inside, curled up with a book (and some wine) - with no judgement.  Life slows down just a little. 

And I like that.

To me, my birthday signifies the start of this seasonal change.

And like clockwork, this process usually begins with the planting of some heuchera, my favourite fall plant.  I love the deep, rich colours and leafiness of this plant.  It screams get out your sweaters, it's getting cold.  It even looks healthy, right?  A salad for your eyes...

Birthdays are also a great reminder of the people, friendship, and love in our lives.  I am so in awe of the people I get to call my friends and my family.  Thank you for helping me celebrate this day by putting a great big smile on my face...



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