Monday, 23 September 2013

Today was the first time...

I lost my balance, and fell backwards.

I was sorting and hanging clothes in the boys' closet, and just lost complete control.  I fell backwards (thank you, giant stuffed truck from the PNE, for breaking my fall).

I've felt the "drunk" feelings of MS before - weaving a bit while walking, not being able to balance well on one foot.  Today was the first actual fall.

I find these moments come right when I am not thinking about MS; when I am just being a busy Mom, trying to get these rug-rats clean and laundered.

It was definitely one of those oh my God moments.

But I can tell when the MS is starting to engage in my body.  My leg and arm get weaker, my eye gets a bit fuzzy.  It could be stress, it could just be the disease course.  I don't know.

Either way, I can now read this body of mine like a book.  I can tell when symptoms are going to start, and when they are going to progress to something new.

Fingers crossed... no more falling or balance issues.

Deep breaths (and hopefully lots of sleep) for now...

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