Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Blogging with wine

My first installment of blogging with wine is brought to you by Nk'Mip Cellars (not a sponsorship, of course; just my drinking it).  A complex, fruity, dry pinot blanc, from the desert of Osoyoos.  Delicious.  

Moms-needing-to-drink, take note:

It's time to drink wine on a Wednesday night.

Ironically, or not, three years ago today I was cradling a brand new baby Oliver.

I remember waiting for my Mom to come watch Jack - cause, you know, I needed to go have a baby.  She was out car shopping.  And late.

I remember pacing the halls at the hospital, willing this kid to come out of me.  Only ending up begging them to break my water and get things moving.  But I did it; fast and drug-free, I may add.

Oliver is my miracle baby - who was never supposed to happen.  After my hemorrhage and uterine artery embolization after Jack was born, I was left without blood flow to half of my uterus and was told I'd never have more children.

And then there were two...

(God help me).

So, to you, Oliver, I raise my pinot blanc, forget about how exhausted I am, and thank you for being my (generally) well behaved, fun, happy little man.

Happy birthday, baby!

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