Thursday, 17 October 2013


The moments of my day that make me laugh.  The things that make me smile and secretly chuckle to myself - those are the moments that are worth a million bucks.

It still fazes me that I own two of these, in rotation.  And buy them for $4 every month or so.  It's as close to junkie as I'll ever feel.   And the looks from the other customers in the pharmacy as I buy them are priceless...

And out of the mouths of babes... "Mommy, boys have penises and girls have vases."  Said with complete and utter seriousness.  This boy's going to have some lucky, lucky girlfriends...

The altered "chore chart" that mysteriously had $106 added to it.

Sometimes I forget how important laughing is.  And how finding it in the teeny tiny everyday things makes it that much better.

Now go, laugh.  Find something silly and enjoy it.

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