Thursday, 10 October 2013


Sure, we all have issues.  Problems.  Annoyances.

It feels like mine have been multiplying lately.  The word grumpy was even used to describe me yesterday (which I fully agree with).

And I admit it - I feel like life is eating me whole; and winning the Sarah-buffet.

Being 100% responsible for getting two whiny, stubborn kids out the door, getting them to and from school and activities.  Entertaining the little one while big brother is at school.  Cooking, cleaning, driving, organizing, scheduling.  It's exhausting. 

I kind of miss working.

Right now:  It's 4:15....  We've been home from school for a bit - bags are unpacked, snacks have been had, now the craziness ensues.  Oliver already has no pants on; Jack is in the corner practicing his dog calls, or something else humans shouldn't be able to hear...

The are vying for my attention... "look, look, Mommy look, Mommy, MOMMY, MOMMY,  MOMMY I SAID LOOK AT ME NOW!"

And it's time to cook dinner...

For me, now we add the MS.... So, basically, more crippling exhaustion, the prolonged symptoms of right side weakness and loss of coordination, nervous system shenanigans, and crazy eye-stuff.  Plus making time for injections each night (I won't hide my excitement that it sometimes gets me out of bedtime duty).

I know I am not the only person - and far from it - who feels like this.  I know Moms feels like this, and some Dads too, but seriously - I feel like there's been some crap chucked this way that I could really do without.

And my dentist wonders why I grind my teeth. 

Phew - rant over...

So my question to you is this:  How can I get better in control of my life.  How does one make time to breathe?


  1. Sending lots of love. Maybe caffeine before meditation? I tend to fall asleep.

  2. Hugs Sarah. Maybe lots of soups in the crockpot? And put that little in some daytime programming to give you a break?