Sunday, 17 November 2013

A medium reading

I am usually a pragmatic, scientific person.  A natural skeptic.

But I've always been curious about mediumship and connecting with spirits.  I think it took the death of a very loved person and my own health battles to truly open me up to believing.

Tonight I experienced it for the first time.  A small group session with a medium.  She did not know anything about us beforehand - not even our names.

You need to be open for this sort of experience to work.  No anxiousness; no disbelief.

And honestly - I was blown away. 

My sister Erin was there too, and we were both hoping to connect with our step-Dad, Robin.  We were both open to the experience, and still very much feel his presence in our lives, so were hoping for a connection.

Mediums can work in many ways - they can sense things, see things, hear things or use their intuition.  They can tell you things about a departed person, but they can also tell you things about yourself.  They can sometimes give specifics about the departed, like sex, age, name.  They can give general images - a "clue" if you will - something that connects you to this person.  Something that only you would know.

The medium went to Erin first - and sensed a male - in a protecting relationship.  Then the information came rolling fast - many identifying clues (a specific hat, the appearance of a skeleton and bones).  The medium asked about blood tests in general, and eventually, was getting a message about something inflammatory happening to me.  She asked if I had recently had a diagnosis.  Then she asked if it was MS.  She was also able to pick up details about when Robin passed away.

It was emotional.  And exhausting.  And here I sit, way past my bedtime.  I cant stop thinking about this experience.  I feel like I received some sort of confirmation tonight.  Of what, exactly, I don't know.  An energy?  A force within ourselves?  Within the universe?

It was amazing.

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