Thursday, 14 November 2013

The angel, again...

We all have those sentimental little baubles.  Small treasures;  Big importance.

Mine was my guardian angel necklace.  I bought it for myself right after my diagnosis, when I was looking for something, anything, to help with the process of acceptance.  I wrote about it here.

I wore it almost every day.  And it helped.

Yesterday, as Oliver and I walked up the hill to get Jack from school, the clasp broke, and as if in slow motion, it fell from my neck.  It was a poignant moment as I caught the angel in my hands.  Of all things to break - my guardian angel.  It really made me think about why I've been wearing her around my neck for almost a year and a half.  Did I still need her?  Was I just being silly? Maybe that's why she broke?

I wasn't ready to part with her, so decided to see if I could get the necklace fixed.  A jewellery repair place quoted me $40 and a trip to Toronto for some sort of special clasp.  Complete BS.  So I went to Blue Ruby Metrotown, where I bought it (for only about $50) to see if they had any suggestions.  Not only did they help me - they took my necklace, worked their magic with a pair of pliers and a new clasp, and fixed it right then and there.  For free.  That is some serious customer service.  To help a customer with an old necklace, a broken clasp, and a lot of sentimental value.

Thanks Blue Ruby, you made my day.

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