Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Blogging with wine

Part two.

Tonight I celebrate the end of my 4-week-long-eye-twitch.

With a glass of crisp smooth Pinot Gris from Peller Estates .  Another B.C. wine that does the trick on a Tuesday night (Is that saying much?).

So, yes - every few seconds, for 4 weeks, my left eye and lid stopped, jumped frantically, then rested again. 

I have a lot of optical symptoms with my MS, and a lot of random twitchiness.  This was my longest - and most annoying - so far.

But for now - my eyes are back to their usual tricks - making stationary objects look like they are moving, and altering my depth perception just enough so that I always think something is going to come crashing into me - even if it is meters away.  So very odd.

The boys are bathed, reading homework is done, math practice is done, and this week's spelling words have been printed.

Time for some stylish flannel reindeer pajamas, The Killing, and a big glass of this.

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