Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Knock on wood

Or, as my Nanny used to do, I'll knock on my noggin.

This is the longest stretch I've had without new symptoms and without the need for IV steroids since my diagnosis.

The usual stuff persists, but I am happy to live with it.

And life is much easier without that slightly-manic what if  that creeps in with new symptoms.

In fact - it's freeing.  The energy that usually is devoted to such worry is now being spent on reading more, playing with the boys more, and of course, just sitting - still.

It is also time to really get going with fundraising for the MS Walk.  If you haven't joined the team already, click here to join.

And if you'd like to donate to this very worthy cause, any amount is much appreciated.  You'd get a super cool button too:

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