Sunday, 9 February 2014


A few weeks ago I did something to my back.  No fall, no injury.  It just appeared.

I endured through the pain, trying everything under the sun to fix it.  Muscle relaxants, pain medications, hot packs, cold packs, stretches, DIY-massages.  It was finally starting to feel better.

Yesterday it was so bad I could hardly move.  Worse than labour - both times added together.

Plus my usual MS symptoms started to flair up again in my hand and foot.  Was this a relapse?  Back pain for mobile MS patients is usually not an issue, but I wondered if this wasn't just a huge auto-immune reaction, back now included.

I went to the ER in so much pain I really just wanted a shot (or two) of something right there and then.  I would have done it myself.

They thought it could be kidney stones, or perhaps new symptoms related to the transverse myelitis aspect of my MS (spinal lesions).

X-rays and kidney tests later, it's decided I have sprained my sacro-iliac joint.

And it was the fastest visit to VGH ever - thank you, pre-existing disease.

A bunch of meds and four days of bed rest to start. 

Wish me luck staying put...

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