Friday, 21 March 2014

They made lemonade too!


My boys, along with my Mom and Sister, had a lemonade stand today. 

They drove up to a busy intersection by my Mom's house, near lots of shopping, and did their thing.  They went through 4 pitchers - and sold out- of lemonade!

They said they wanted to donate their profits to our MS walk team (after allocating for toys, of course).  As if I need more I'm-so-proud-of-these-guys tears.  They did this to help support me.  And they are only 6 and 3.

Apparently Jack is quite the salesman... "Fresh lemonade, get your fresh lemonade, only 10 cents a glass!" (They should have charged more, I think).  "Not too cold, but just right!"

That's what I call "Making Lemonade" at it's finest!


  1. Hey Sarah,

    Wondering if we could use some of these great images to highlight our I Challenge MS program. - please let us know if you are comfortable with this, and feel free to send over a note if you have any questions too!

    1. Of course you can! Can you just let me know where/when they'll be used? Thanks!