Friday, 16 May 2014

MRI update

I finally received a copy of my brain MRI from the Radiology department.  Here's their (a little too concise) summary:


Type:  MRI Brain

Indication:  Relapsing Remitting MS on Copaxone.  Still having relapses.

Comparison:  May 2013

Findings:  Several juxtacortical, deep white matter, and periventricular hyperintensities (lesions) are noted consistent with known diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.  No infratentorial disease identified.  No new lesions seen.  Brain volume is normal for age.

Impression:  Stable diseased.


That's me - stable diseased.

I am happy there are no new brain lesions.

But this was expected.  My brain MRIs have always been stable, whereas changes in imaging and increases in symptoms are from my large spinal cord lesion.

It is odd that I never have both brain and spinal cord imaging done at the same time, to assess physical symptoms and medication effectiveness concurrently.  I suppose it is the schedule I stumbled upon during the diagnostic process, and now it's just stuck.

And as the boys and I returned from school, plus a long, sweaty playground visit, my Neurologist called.  (I hope he didn't hear the rowdy screams in the background...).  Even though there was nothing of note to mention from this MRI, I was impressed to receive a live call from him.  No assistant staff, no residents, no leaving message after message for a nurse.  He wanted to go over my MRI and see how I was doing. 

It's nice to feel like a human patient.

My appointment with him is in 10 days, so then we chat about a medication switch - and whether that possibility still exists.

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