Sunday, 25 May 2014


It's been 12 years since the loss of one of the most important people in my life.

Today marks the anniversary of his passing.

Of course there are still tears, still huge outpourings of memories.  But, the years are easier, and this day is easier.  Life does go on.

Each year I try to do something to remember him.  Sometimes I go to the tree planted for him, and simply sit and remember.  One year, my sister Erin and I went out an enjoyed a nice glass of his favourite red wine in his honour.  Sometimes I wear his old lapel pin.

Today is about some of Robin's favourite things.  In his honour - I will blast Jeff Buckley as loud as I can, I will eat a huge Oh Henry bar, and yes, I will enjoy some wine.  Most of all, though - I will smile through some happy tears, and be so grateful I had him in my life.

The reflections Erin and I wrote for his memorial are perhaps more poignant all these years later:

"...and the things we miss now are closer than we think.  They are inside of us.  And when we do something kind, laugh at a corny line, read a good book, or open a bottle of red wine - we are continuing him."

We love you, Robin,  And still think about you every day.

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