Thursday, 22 May 2014

World MS Day

World MS Day is on May 28th.

The Multiple Sclerosis International Federation, based in London, which documents, supports, and brings awareness to MS world wide, has chosen me to be part of their "One day" campaign to promote MS initiatives.

All of the MS ambassadors (which seems to be the coined term) had to choose our one wish for our lives with MS, plus discuss this year's theme of "access," and how it affects our lives personally.

It will be very interesting to see the global differences in terms of access to healthcare, medication, and treatment.  I am very, very aware of how lucky I am to live in Canada.

The "One day" pre-launch website has gone live, and if you wait for all 21 people to be featured, you can see my "One day" wish.  On May 28th, the full site will be unveiled and all the MS ambassadors from around the world will be featured with their wishes, plus issues surrounding MS and access.

Click here to see the World MS Day website.

It is such an honour to be included as a "MS One Day" representative from Canada!



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