Wednesday, 25 June 2014

When style takes a backseat...

I've written about the effects of heat on MS before.  My post from last summer explains all the sweaty details here.

Tis the season again.  It's not actually that hot outside, but townhouse living makes the heat stand still.  It sinks right in.  I have that unwanted sticky-glisten all day long.

The usual tricks aren't working.  The blinds are closed during the hottest times, the windows are cracked and the rooftop deck door is open and screened to create a breeze.  The clunky old portable AC is about to make an appearance too.

This year, I have thrown caution (and all fashion sense) to the wind. 

I bought a cooling neck tie.

Yes, you read that correctly.  It looks sort of like a boy scout neck tie, but with cooling gel beads inside.  There actually is a market for these things, as you can see:

This one is from REI in the US (which is like our MEC) but there are lots of specialty online retailers for these babies, as well as all sorts of even-more-fashionable cooling gear.

I've yet to decide if this will be an at-home accessory, or if I'll venture out in it...

But, ahhh - bliss!

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