Monday, 7 July 2014

What's new?

Well, the crippling vertigo and dizziness lasted 6 days - I am so glad to see it go.

It was replaced with another round of food poisoning.  Equally unsettling; a thousand times more disgusting.

Running on about 80%, I thought it was time for some updates.

Jack is almost seven.  I cannot believe it.  He has suddenly merged into this pre-pre-teen version of his former self.  He can sing along to all the songs on the radio, shushes me when I am "too embarrassing," knows technology better than I do - and has the teenage attitude to go with it. 

He's a fun-loving little man who is hard to keep up with!

Pogo stick mania!

I also had a fun photo shoot with the MS Society for their Canada day campaign - ACTIONonMS.  It was so rewarding to be part of the series of photos sharing information about MS in Canada.


And finally - a letter from my extended health insurance.  I opened it with such mixed emotions.  If they will cover the cost of Lemtrada - do I go for it?  Or do I play it slightly safer, as I usually do?  A huge decision.

But one saved for another day, as it happens.  The letter seemed to be more of an insurance-stall than anything.  "They have not received all the information they require from my doctor, but cannot contact the doctor themselves.... blah, blah."

What further information do they urgently need to know?  Wait for it..."What is my diagnosis."

(They know that already).

Really?  5 weeks for that?  Pfft.

So, what's new with you?

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