Thursday, 14 August 2014

A (slightly) pear-shaped day

Today didn't go as planned.  At all.

I arrived at the clinic for all of my pre-Gilenya tests, nervous but eager.

First, I was told my appointment had been cancelled, and that someone had called me.  Umm, nope.  Nobody did.  Apparently, though - they had also called to reschedule.  Again - nope.  The rescheduled appointment is for next Tuesday - when I am away.

Big fail, receptionists.

(Gilenya will actually arrange for community-based appointments on your behalf, so this is what will happen for the eye exam now).

I spoke with the nurse, and we decided to go ahead with my heart tests and blood work, since I was already there.  Off to Cardiology I went, to start with an ECG. 

It was abnormal.


I did the blood work anyway, and now await a rendez-vous between my Neurologist and a Cardiologist.

Seriously - I think it's about time for some good health news. 

This is deflating.

And feels a little fortuitous.

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