Saturday, 2 August 2014


One week down, one week to go.

And almost completely unplugged.  No TV, no internet - just my smart phone and a little bit of data.  And two kids for entertainment.

It feels nice. 

As does visiting all the local wineries.

And it's really taking me back about 25 years.  I feel grateful.  So very grateful. 

This little house, on Skaha Lake in Penticton, that my great-Grandfather built, has served 5 generations of summering McShanes well.

More than anything it makes me miss coming here with my Nanny.

This place became her home.  Her soul.

She renovated the 1960s (and the weird brown carpet) out of it.

I love that the "little bathroom" still has a matching pink toilet and shower set.

She loved shopping, cooking the best meal, swimming out to the raft, and always, ALWAYS welcomed us to come up all summer, every summer.

Now - this place - where all my childhood summers happened - is one where my boys can make memories.

Thank you, Nanny, for putting so much love into this house.

And thank you, Grandad, for enjoying AC enough to install 2 units.  For finding the best places to eat in town, and for putting up with our antics.

I love it here.  My family loves it here.  It'll always be our second home.


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