Friday, 19 September 2014

Today we're going to learn about the ER...

I heard back from the nurse today (who spoke to a Neurologist familiar with Gilenya) about the chest pain and pressure I've been having since starting the medication.

Since the pains have been getting stronger, they sent me to the ER.

This little one had to come too.

Talk about a 3 hour lesson in medicine.  This guy sat beside me (and on top of me) while I had numerous blood tests, ECGs, and was hooked up to everything imaginable.

He also charmed the pants off the doctors and nurses and left known as "The Big Mr. O."

(That is, when he wasn't throwing his stuff around and threatening to "press all the buttons on the machines.")

Mommy - I see blood!  BLOOD!  Why Mommy, why is there blood?

The tests were all normal, but since the reactions from the medication could be completely random, I have a Holter heart monitor to wear at home for 24 hours.  It's like a portable ECG.  And a diary to record my symptoms.

Mommy - are those LASERS?!

I am still having chest pains and shortness of breath.  And who knows if this monitoring will actually show anything.

For now - I hope to never spend time alone in an ER with a chatty 3 year old again!

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