Monday, 29 December 2014

A schmaltzy Christmas

The presents have been opened, lots of wine has been consumed.  The half-dead tree dragged to the curb.

The frenzy of Christmas seems to be petering out.

Despite the various forms of flu currently festering, I am finding myself counting my blessings.  All of my swallowing test results are in - and they are all normal.  There are no anatomical or functional problems with my larynx or esophagus.  I can still choose to have an endoscopy done in March to look for further issues.  But for the most part - my swallowing is back to normal.  I don't have to watch what I eat, or when I eat.  It's so nice.  We just assume it was a month long relapse of sorts.  All of my blood work just in case also came back excellent, which was a huge relief. 

We have had an abundance of family time this Christmas, with family visiting from the UK.  It's so nice to watch the boys have some extra people here to love, play with, fight over - and of course - to help babysit!

My mushy side can come out during the holidays.  I think I love these guys just a teensy bit more right now.  Maybe it's their Christmas awe, maybe it's because we can sleep in and there's no homework to get done.  Or maybe it's just because I love watching them love each other.  With no fighting. Or kicking.  (Santa's still watching...)

And look - YES, they are sleeping together.  And YES - they are holding hands!

I hope you and yours had a magical Christmas too!

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

The swallowing saga

It's been a month of the delights of dysphagia. 

I've managed to do my barium swallow and fluoroscopy.  Which were a treat.  Nothing like downing 3 cups of unflavoured barium in record time, to be put on a topsy-turvy table, tipped back and forth, all while being poked by a radiologist "to get it all moving."  I will get those results this week.

And today, in record time, I had a consult with a gastroenterologist.  Another appointment with a 4-year-old in tow.  Considering this is my new speciality, I was wiser this time.  We stole his brother's 3DS, and it kept him mesmerized and quiet the entire time! Although this doctor is also suspecting MS activity as the cause of the dysphagia, he still wants to do an endoscopy to see if there is any esophageal narrowing and to take biopsies (once you're in there you might as well just do everything...).  That doesn't happen for a few months.

So many appointments, soooo little time!  Only about 5 more to go before the Holidays.  And one final post-Gilenya check.

Squeeze in a haircut, and call it a day...

Monday, 1 December 2014

2015 MS Walk!

I'm pretty sure I was the first to register (again).

But this is my thing.  The thing that spurs me into action each year, working hard to raise money for the MS Society of Canada.

It makes living with MS just a little easier; it makes me have hope.

The walk is later this year - in May, so the weather should be perfect.  And it has a new location in Vancouver, at the Plaza of Nations.

My team - "Making Lemonade" - has raised over $14,000 from the past two walks!  Thank you to all the amazing people who have helped to make this happen.

Let's try and continue the success this year.  If you'd like to join the team (please do!) or donate, here's is the link to my page: