Sunday, 15 March 2015

The E word


I always say my kids are my cardio.  And for the most part, that's true.

I was lucky to be gifted with skinny genes and a high metabolism.  But as my age increases and my abilities and energy become affected by MS, staying fit becomes much harder.

I decided to up my (non-kid) cardio.

But no swimming.  I hate swimming.

(and no Zumba, or anything different, as I'd break an ankle again).

I sucked up any apprehension I had, dug out my old workout clothes, took a deep breath, and just did it.

(Luckily I am still somewhat workout-fashionable.  Cause that's important too).

I knew I had to take it easy.  Not just because I'm not in fantastic shape, but because my head can go from ok to drop-to-the-floor-dizzy in seconds. 

I did the bikes and the treadmill (inclined, fast walking only).

I noticed my balance was incredibly off on the treadmill.  I had to hold the supports the entire time, and if I let go even for a moment, I couldn't move forward in a straight line.  I took lots of time to ensure I stayed cool and drank lots of water, so it wasn't from common MS triggers like overheating or dehydration.  It was simply my brain's reaction to being jostled around.

How things have changed.

Now I know I need to stick to machines I can sit on or hold onto. 

Or get buckled into.  Ha.

To bad couch-potatoing doesn't burn calories.

Despite that, I enjoyed it.  I felt "normal" and healthy.  Well - by the end of it, mostly just dizzy.

Here's to next time!

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